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Can't turn a h0 into a housewife

h0s don't act right

Cum Dumpster aka CDIZZLE
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I'm 23 years old, living in Middle Class excellence, in the heart of suburbia with my husband Princess (23) and my son Nicklas (2 months). I'm extremely fannish, and obsessive.

awesomeness says: it_burns_us is a fuckin skank pot. I pretty much hate her fuckin guts and when we conference call, I feel like hanging up. But instead, I put the phone down, go take a shit, and then come back later. She's totally not worth my time. Although we always get the outcomes on those fuckin memes, I'm still cooler. But that's obvious because I'm fuckin awesome. Her fuckin accent is annoying as hell and it makes me want to be half Helen Keller...aka deaf for all you morons out there. The only "good" thing about this fuckface is that she's not a pussy like some people and likes to shoot off. Lots. I keep her around for that purpose only. If she didn't have that, she'd be out like yesterday's trash. Instead, she's today's trash, sitting on the curb, in the hot sun, and smelling up the fuckin street. The racoons and other creatures are coming out of the woodwork. That smell also doubles as the smell of her smelly vagaga.

merewiper says: it_burns_us is a cunt-thwapping dumbass. Just looking at her username makes me want to vomit and everytime one of her entries show up, I have to clean my eyes with bleach to prevent the stupid from eating its way to my brain. SHE SUCKS HARDCORE!

f4l says: it_burns_us is a soap-dropping, chicken-molesting, crotch-licking, toe jam-sucking, pimple-nibbling, fuck-faced dickweasel!

rhapsody says: it_burns_us talks so much bullshit. Don't listen to a word she says. She's a goddamn liar!

crooked says: it_burns_us is a fucking BITCH. she is the BITCHIEST BITCH who ever BITCHED in all of BITCHDOM. did i mention that she was a total BITCH? because, yeah.

cacophonesque says: it_burns_us is a momskank and a twatmuffin. I'd punch her in the vagina, but it's not even worth the cost of travel.

callmecaito says: it_burns_us is great for those days when you're craving twatwaffle generously soaked in cuntsyrup.

hyper_ion says: it_burns_us is extroverted and nice. She tries to help everybody do everything and always has handy advice on most subjects and topics, not to mention that she manages to maintain several internet activities while raising a small baby-creature with love and affection. In fact, she is such a Hufflepuff it damn near makes me sick.

busterflubbette would like me to know that my facial expression looks like I ate the piece of shit that I scraped off of my shoe, and furthermore that I am "hot for someone who looks like their entire FACE has been stung by a fucking hive of bees."

summer_sins recently informed me: "you're 23 and have a child..... come on act your age and be a little more mature."

These kids were just too nice to insult me:
dreaminoflorien says: it_burns_us is hot. That's all there is to it.

prettyhowtown says: it_burns_us is the best Irish druid in the universe.

Shit, son, I won Mundungus Fletcher!

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I role play at np_hogwarts which is where my darling O'Neill (see above) is housed. I'm pretty obsessive with that shit. The NP Hogwarts h0rs hang out at drunkoncheese which while the name is fucking retarded, the company is usually aight.

Fandoms: Stargates, Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order SVU, House, Star Wars, PotC, LotR

Still under construction...

admiral lord horatio nelson, afterwork naps, amanda tapping's hotness, anachronisms, anakin solo, archie kennedy, battlestar galactica, becca, being upside-down, bicorns, bisexuality, bob dylan, books, braiding, breathing, captain apollo, captain jack sparrow, conor larkin, costumes, crucio, darren mccarty, david bowie, dean martin, defenstration, destiny, detroit, detroit red wings, dirty peasants, dork hats, dreams, earl grey tea, elliot stabler, equality, erin, etymology, eunechorns, ewan mcgregor, fandom, fangirls, fans, fantasy, fashion, fearlessness, friends, gay rights, glam rock, glasses, gryff chat, gryff chat crew, gryffindor, gryffindors, gypsies, h0rcruxes, harry potter, hockey, hockey slash, hornblower, house bashing, human rights, idiots, jacen solo, jaina solo, jamie bamber, john lennon, johnny depp, kara thrace, keira knightley, kirk maltby, kris draper, law & order svu, leia organa solo, living, living my life, love, loving, madrigals, mara jade, marauders, michael shanks, michigan renaissance festival, motg, mythology, napoleon bonaparte, olivia benson, optimism, pacifism, painting, peace, photography, photoshop cs, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, playing boat, playing in the snow, princess leia, queen elizabeth gloriana, reading, red wings slash, renaissance faires, sailing, sarabi, scarves, sci fi fridays, science fiction, sewing, shinies, singing madrigals, skirts, slash, slytherclaws, songwriting, sorting, sorting communities, squee, star wars, stargate sg1, sushi, sweaters, swept-hilt rapiers, sword fights, tall ships, tarot, the beatles, the corsairs, the grind line, the jolly rogers, timothy zahn, tolkien, tracey, tricorns, unicorns, verbosity, wheel-lock pistols, whimsy, writing